Being unemploymed

Where to begin , going on one month of unemployment , and the boredom Is starting to set in and the money starting to run out.
I do get to stay home with the kids and watch them grow and teach them things , art, potty training, how to flip someone off , you know the good stuff. But I am also starting to feel a little bad for my wife having to work so hard to support us. I do get an unemployment check , but trust me it’s like 1\5th of my old income.
Anyways if there is anyone who reads this blog of mine let me know if you know anyplace that’s hiring and help me out of this mundane world.

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Vans x Supreme Old SKools Navy

HAd to pick these ones up to , was not satisfied with only the Grey . But then again i am usually never satisfied when it comes to shoes.

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Robert Longo for Supreme Skate Decks

In the latest artist collaboration, Supreme gets together with painter Robert Longo on a series of three skate decks.

“Robert Longo is an American painter and sculptor born in Brooklyn, New York in 1953.

Longo developed an early fascination with all forms of mass media, especially movies, television, magazines, and comic books which continue to influence his art. Robert Longo’s works are filled with deep emotions that are both primitive and at the same time self-conscious. Having studied sculpture, Longo uses graphite like clay, molding it to create images with layered, chiseled lines, that are at once photographic and sculpturesque.

One of the quintessential artists of the 1980s, Longo’s “Men in the Cities” series portrays a group of sharply dressed businessmen writhing in contorted agony.

The artist has been the subject of major retrospectives and exhibitions all over the world, and is considered one of the most significant living artists of our time.”

Supreme will release a series of three limited edition skateboard decks designed by Robert Longo. They will release online and in-store on April 7th and in Japan on April 9th.

Detailed images of the three skate decks by the artist follow after the jump.

ViA Highsnobiety/ Supreme NYC

the 3 graphics for the decks.

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Vans Vault x Ludwig Van – Deadstock canvas Project

Words via HypeBeast:

“Los Angeles-based designer and Ludwig Van impresario Mike Dytri has turned a cache of decades-old original Vans canvas sheets (purchased at a warehouse sale) into his newest collaboration. Working closely with Vans, Ludwig Van created this extremely limited edition collection of only 288 pairs using 14 different patterns. The shoes ship with a D-ring belt, flipbook and shoe bag all packaged in a limited edition box. The collection will only be available in five U.S. stores: UNDFTD (Los Angeles – La Brea), Conveyor (Santa Monica, CA), Proper (Long Beach, CA), DQM (New York) and Bows & Arrows (Berkeley, CA). Colette (Paris) and Dover Street Market (London) will carry the shoes in Europe, while the shoes will be released slightly later in Japan as well.”

A sample of whats to come..

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005 wtaps for sale

If you need more picks i email me , or leave a comment here and i will get back to you ASAP.

005 wtaps chukkas great shape. 90


005 wtaps sk8 hi’s size 8.5 50


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Picked up the newest supreme x vans collaboration. And one of my favorite pieces this season , the Windbreaker in blue/ teal.



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Ramen at Gunco

Today for lunch I had to have some spicy Ramen at Gunco. This place is very close To my house and in my opinion is very authentic. They have Kirin ichiban on draft and it’s never to crazy there which i also enjoy. This was the spicy ramen.

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